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Newly elected AHEPA Supreme President Philip Frangos visits Philadelphia


Video coverage from Cosmos Philly


Supreme President Visiitaion to Concordville


Concordville, PA – “Be proud of the works you do, my fellow AHEPANs “. said AHEPA Supreme President, Philip Frangos. Frangos and his Washington DC staff are touring the United States, visiting various chapters and getting to know his members. Frangos held the seat of Vice-President last year and has been a long time member of the organization. Some 50 members from chapters 4 and 5 (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware) attended the event at the Concordville Inn. District Governs Phil Vogis of NJ and James E. Gregorakis of Pennsylvania spoke about the evening.


Ahepa District 4 marches in Philadelphia Greek Independence Day Parade 2014

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Ahepa Commercial (click below)

PGBL Commercial

Young Ahepan’s from PGBL are Initiated March 2014

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The District 4 Winter Powerline is now available online.

Chester County / Coasteville Chapter 484 presents two Checks for Medical Container and Apostoli Mission

“Leadership by Example” – Chester County / Coatseville Chapter 484 brothers Ted Skiadas and Vasili Stavropoulos  on behalf of the Chapter present $1000 & $500 checks for The Ahepa Medical Container and Apostoli Mission projects to District 4 Lodge Brother Nick Voutsakis at DeStarrs Restaurant in West Chester December, 2013.

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Supreme Presdient Kozounis Visitation to Broomall PA Oct 2013

Supreme President Kouzounis visitation with District Lodge and Chapters in Suburban Philadelphia September, 2013


Ahepa District 4 sponsors Greek American Young Adult Basketball League (PGBL)

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Ahepa District 4′s newly created Youth Athletic Program embarked on its first project,  sponsoring The Philadelphia Greek Basketball League (PGBL), now in its seventh year. “The 9 team league is the single most successful endeavor that keeps Greek American Youth from ages 18-35  together in the greater Philaelphia area on a weekly basis, and now, Ahepa is their partner “- N. Voutsakis, Ahepa District 4 Athletic Program Director.

For video coverage of the opening of the season & presentation of the check click on this link.  


AHEPA members are proud of the contributions the ancient Greeks gifted to Western Civilization. As Americans, we share many of the values put forth by them: civic responsibility, philanthropy, education, family and individual excellence, and the ideals of democracy. This is the essence of our heritage.   This is the core of our mission.

  We hope this site is a useful tool, enabling our membership as well as curious browsers to find out about the history, accomplishments, news, people and activities within our District its chapters and our national organization.

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